• Transfer funds from Neteller to the casino account through the casino software.
  • Deposit funds from card
  • For UK, recommend you download and install online casino software
  • Credit Card or Debit Card
  • For your 1st cash out, submit passport copy and utility bill by fax to the casino fax number, number
  • Is in the casino software “support” section. Allow 4 days for casino to process your winnings. They will
  • Transfer your winnings to Neteller. You can then transfer that money from Neteller to your bank account.

How to select the best casino?

  • The security and privacy features that offers
  • Types of casino games it has to offer
  • Reputation of an online casino
  • Kind of software it uses
  • Speed and easy to use features of online casino site etc.
  • Bonuses, gifts, entry fee, promotional offers it has
  • Other services such as chat rooms.


It is 82% certain that your credit or debit card will not work at an online casino even if the casinos present this option of payment.

The majority US banks do not permit deposits to online casino gambling sites , and that is not a moral statement they are making, it is to defend themselves against customers who deposit money into casinos one night, lose it, then protest the next day that they should not have spent the money. So because of a few irresponsible apples, the rest of the world has to suffer.

METHODS OF DEPOSITING MONEY INTO AN ONLINE CASINOThe way around this violation of your right to spend your money wherever you please is to create an account at one of the places mention below and deposit money into a gambling site using that way of payment.

Deposit Money Using Neteller

Our optional place to generate an account is at Neteller that is what all the editors here use, that is what most gamblers across the world use, and some casinos give extra bonuses when you deposit using this process.

Through all our research and experience we have learned that Neteller is far and away the best service online for third party billing. Neteller is simply another bank account in which you deposit casino money, withdraw money, etc.

They now even give you your own card so you can make cash withdrawals from ATM machines across the world.

Signing up at Neteller may take a few days for security purposes and the time it takes to set it up is a must that is for your own benefit.

Once you have your account at Neteller, your online life will be forever changed and the internet will be newly open to you in ways you never knew.

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Start playing in three easy steps

To download the Casino Homepage and start winning just follow the three simple steps. You will rapidly be elated into our thrilling casino where you can play the most excellent parlor gambling games, table and online slots accessible on the net.

  1. Click “Run” on the consecutive pop-ups to activate the casino’s Download Helper.
  2. Register the account with the Casino you have selected.
  3. When prompted click on the “Start” on the casino installation.
  4. Once the casino is installed, login and start playing

Best Casino software to download:


Microgaming is software which powers over 220 casinos and 60 poker rooms on the web, as well as platforms for land based and wireless gaming. The front and back-end software supports multiplayer, multilingual games. And there are over 250 games to choose from. Microgaming offers localized play - and the action is always fast and furious.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD CASINOMicrogaming software also powers the world's best poker and progressive jackpot networks. Microgaming Poker Network unites thousands of players in dozens of card rooms concurrently.

And Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Network, incomplete to Microgaming operators and their customers, has some of the major jackpots to be found anywhere online. Networking across multiple casinos, every player can see as the jackpots grow by the second - and everyone has a chance to win.

The unrivalled service includes:

  1. Regular partner conferences
  2. Business development
  3. Constant feature upgrades
  4. Continuous new game releases
  5. 24/7 technical support hotline
  6. Ongoing research and development
  7. Ongoing system maintenance
  8. Ongoing training and support

Back-office solutions:

Microgaming powered casinos generate some of the highest volumes of traffic in the industry, which means the back-office management system has to be powerful enough to cope with anything. And it is. The operators can keep track of every game, every player, and every spin to maximize results and increase their profitability.


Justice and trustworthiness are dangerous to online casino gaming, and no-one has a better reputation than Microgaming does. They have highly reputable credibility technologies such as PlayCheck™ and Cash Check™ allowing players to play back the latest action for added confidence in the game. With Microgaming software powering your casino, you'll benefit from it too, as your players access features like these:

  • Game reports – they can even view auditors' reports on recent Blackjack and Roulette action on participating casino websites.
  • Payout percentage reports – keep tabs on how much any casino is paying out by accessing the separately audited monthly report on participating casino sites.
  • PlayCheck™ - a complete, instant overview of all your players gaming activity in one easy-to-read statement.
  • Cash Check™ - players see if they're up or down at a glance by checking all their purchases and payouts in a single mouse click.